Demand of Cuisine of Chinese Frozen Food is Increasing

A study shows that the demand for ethnic frozen food is declining but the demands of Mexican, Chinese and Italian is increasing. From these demands of Chinese food is increasing very rapidly that it outperform and overcome the business of American frozen food also. This study is done by Mintel Research in which they do research on the customers behaviors. In this study the responses of over 1500 peoples whose age is over 18 years and they purchased frozen food in past 12 months. This study also shows that half of those customers that they love to buy Chinese cuisine. It shows that more than 50% peoples do not the traditional American Frozen food instead of using Italian, Mexican and Chinese.

The demand of Chinese food is increasingly, people love to eat Asian cuisine. Asian food is also very popular in Australia, and it is very trendy for young people who like to go out and have a play at the pokies in the pubs, although lately the popularity of online casinos is growing and the young people are not playing in pubs so often anymore. They love to go to Asian restaurants instead of high prices there. 75% customers put give Asian restaurants at their top priority according to the taste. The company which asked Mintel to organize that study, they told that now we understand that what our customers are expecting from us. We will work to provide quality meals to our customers who are coming to our restaurants. They also said that in future they will introduce more flavors to the customers. They also agreed that according to market they are working for the price reduction.