The night I went to a casino and learnt about australian online pokies

I love conferences in Las Vegas. It is a place where people switch off their normal lives and immediately tune in to the buzz of the city. It is a place where I go often, because it has turned out to be quite the city to host conferences and business events.

crazy-night-vegasLast time I went there it was about 7 months ago, and I had a lot of fun. Of course I attended to the events that I was supposed to. But it is in the networking that most of the juicy information is revealed anyways, and it is usually with 1 or 2 beers that fellows feel a bit more like sharing information.

And so in the last event I started playing slots because they were right there and they were so much fun. One of the coolest games that I played was Avalon. It is a lot of fun! and easy to learn for a non gambler like me. You can read more about Avalon here. But what was funny was that in that night I met a fellow from Oz.

It was after a few jokes about Mel Gibson, and Russel Crowe (it turns out he is not Australian, but New Zealander), that we introduced each other and he told me all about australians love for online pokies and free bonus promotions. Apparently, “pokies” (this is what they call the slots) are so common down under that all teens and youngs play some every night. And if they dont do it online, they will surely do it at the Pubs. Yes, apparently each pub down there it is like a small casino!

So anyways, after this extensive conversation with Mr Cocodrile Dundee and his hat, we said the good byes that were in order and each of us continued on our own journey. This is what happens in Vegas, in a night at the casinos, where you can can be sure you will not get bored.